Our aim is to design and build a real City of the Future in Ukraine. It will be not only futuristic architecture but a cohesive integrated project:


A new worldview of the inhabitants

- spirit of humanity,
- self-discovery,
- self-improvement,
- trust,
- creativity,
- self-fulfillment


A new organizational structure

- direct democracy,
- self-organization,
- blockchain,
- smart contracts,
- crowdfunding


A new economic structure

- local cryptocurrency,
- universal basic income,
- crowd-investing,
- sharing


A new technological structure

- IoT,
- smart-city,
- biotech,
- IT,
- scientific parks,
- innovative transport solutions


Nowadays the future is not to be forecast, it is to be created. People, companies, countries push the human race forward – they build rockets, skyscrapers and entire cities.

In order to not let Ukraine lag behind, we are launching an ambitious project which is going to become:

  1. a driver of development of Ukraine;
  2. a claim to international leadership;
  3. a testing ground for innovative solutions;
  4. a magnet for attracting foreign investments;
  5. a catalyst of change in the worldview of the Ukrainians;


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Project stages

Duration: 6 months

І. Design development

  • finalization of the concept
  • finding a suitable site
  • creation of the city’s schematic design
  • creation of comprehensive business plan of the project
  • engaging a like-minded investor for implementation of stage II
Duration: 2 years

ІІ. Construction of the first facilities of the city - self-sustaining business projects

  • acquisition of the land plot / engaging a like-minded partner who owns a land plot
  • construction of the first facilities (innovative biomedical center, hotel of the future, school, child daycare center, museums, ski resort, first residential buildings)
  • attaining operating profit
  • engaging a foreign investor for implementation of stage III
Duration: 5 years

ІІІ. Full-scale construction of the city

  • creation of the garden city for 20 000 inhabitants with all required infrastructure (in particular office buildings)
  • introduction of steady state self-sustaining economic model


Building a city of the future is not an end in itself but a tool for creation of a new civilization model which would harmoniously unite innovations in the spheres of worldview, human development, organizational processes, economic and technological structures.

The following will be implemented and introduced in the City of the Future:

New worldview and value paradigm
New system of personality formation and development
New organizational model of society based upon smart contracts and blockchain instruments
Universal basic income for the inhabitants
Local demurrage cryptocurrency
Instruments of direct democracy
New models of common property administrationbr> New system of children’s education and upbringing
Innovative approach to biomedical support
Smart city energy efficient model
Innovative transport solutions
Platform for testing innovations
Crowd-investing, crowdfunding and sharing models
Innovative architecture and planning of the city.